Thunder God Vine & Autoimmunity

I'm using Thunder God VineHi, My name is Nathalie, I am a 50 years old Rheumatoid Arthritis patient in a remission since April 2016 with medicinal Thunder God Vine (TGV).

Medicinal TGV is a natural immunosuppressant. It has a successful history of 30 years of prescription as a first intention to relieve the symptoms of a number of autoimmune conditions and inflammatory disorders but is not known outside of China.

My goal is to spread awareness and knowledge of this existing natural alternative. Medicinal TGV is both cheap, safe and usually as, and often more effective than conventional drugs.

Bear in mind that I am not a doctor but a patient. I am not promoting a medication and not giving medical advice. Specialists in China are qualified to prescribe it to you if your condition requires it. Many commercial brands of medicinal TGV exist (see lower). 

Thunder God Vine (TGV) benefits

Thunder God Vine benefits a number of autoimmune conditions and inflammatory disorders. You can find most indications on this page: Thunder God Vine Indications

  • rheumatoid arthritis,
  • systemic lupus erythematosus,
  • psoriasis,
  • Crohn’s disease,
  • ankylosing spondylitis…

Because my condition is actually Rheumatoid Arthritis, it’s the main condition that I am referring to in this website. Obviously, it will take more time to gather information for the other indications.

20 000 Rheumatoid Arthritis new cases every year with TGV

As an example, this hospital is the PUMCH, the Peking Union Medical College Hospital. It’s the 3rd referral hospital in China. It addresses a total of 30 000 new cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis every year. 2/3 of the patients (20 000) are prescribed medicinal Thunder God Vine.

Physicians prescribe it as a monotherapy or associate it with Methotrexate in low dose. Additional medication can include Prednisone in low dose,  NSAIDs…

What medicinal Thunder God Vine looks like

How odd that there is about zero documentation referring to the Chinese long time successful and widespread usage of medicinal Thunder God Vine. The only documents that are mentioning it in English are scientific releases of clinical studies. All the websites I have read in English and French, even the more trustworthy are apparently not aware of it. I know that China is far, with a language and writing that is not easily accessible. But how to explain the absence of knowledge, research and availability of this natural and safe DMARD elsewhere. So many people could benefit in the world !

8 commercial presentations of Thunder God Vine medicinal extract
These are commercial presentations of medicinal Thunder God Vine. They are available from drugstores and hospitals with a prescription.

Medicinal Thunder God Vine extracts are natural but they are complex to produce. They are all normalized tablets of 10 mg, sold in bottles of 50 or 100 tablets. The dosage is always the same at 1 to 1,5mg/kg/day, with a maximum it seems of 90mg/day. While it’s a natural product, in China it is not considered as a supplement. It is recommended to take under guidance of a physician. Also likely because autoimmune conditions (if you have one you will understand my words) are serious conditions that require serious medical follow up.

Warnings regarding the botanical (herb)

Beware as natural is not a synonym for safe in the case of Thunder God Vine: the plant is very dangerous. The natural botanical (herb) and the simple extracts of it (water and ethanol extracts from the root) were never used in medicine in China other than externally (poultices…) because they have a high toxicity.

The powder extracts that you will find on internet in pouches or in capsules are not medicinal extract. They are water and ethanol extracts bought from whole seller Chinese Alibaba website 10 to 50 USD a Kg. These extracts are potentially dangerous. Moreover they are not normalized and there is no way to know the dosage as it was never medicine in the first place.  So this also means that beyond toxicity there is an overdosing risk.

This is possibly the reason why Thunder God Vine has not a good reputation in the Western world. All that is given to read about it is always referring to the natural herb and the simple extracts of it.

Learn more about the different types of existing extracts here Where to buy Thunder God Vine.

Information on Thunder God Vine

The Blog section contains existing documentation, clinical studies and scientific article about Thunder God Vine. This is a work in progress, I have a lot to add and it will take time. Unfortunately, many interesting documents and large scale studies are available only in Chinese at this time.

In the About Me section you can find My Journey with Rheumatoid Arthritis since I declared the disease. My Personal Experience with Thunder God Vine page is my personal experience with the medicinal extract.

You will also find recommendations to take here: Recommendations to take Thunder God Vine if this is your intention. And to buy here Buy Thunder God Vine.

What you will not find here is information on other indications such as cancer and weight loss. Some studies are promising and there may be an outbreak at some point on new indications. But I will never go there because it’s ongoing research. It’s not established extensive controlled usage with a long history as it is the case for autoimmune conditions.

Digging it out

If you would like to find serious information on the subject, Pubmed is a good place to start. Pubmed is a popular search engine for medical publications.  Type in the Pubmed search bar (link below) : “Tripterygium wilfordii”,  the scientific name for Thunder God Vine. The search returns 1243 results, some of them are clinical studies. It is this source I use to create simplified posts in the form of a summary of studies in the Blog section. Here is the direct access to this search :

Finding reliable information about Thunder God Vine is not an easy task. There are a lot of articles on internet referring to the rather toxic water and ethanol extracts. These articles never refer to the successful and extensive use in China of the above cited medicinal material. My guess is there are big interests at stake. As a fact, spreading biased information is common practice in that case.


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