About Thunder God Vine

4 Things about medicinal Thunder God Vine (mTGV)

1. This hospital in Beijing addresses 20 000 new RA cases each year with mTGV

About Thunder God Vine in PUMCH in Beijing

Chinese researchers developed 2 safe extracts from the root during the 1970s that are both efficient and safe.

As a result, medicinal Thunder God Vine is extensively in use since 30 years as first choice DMARD. It successfully relieves the symptoms of a number of autoimmune conditions including:

  • rheumatoid arthritis,
  • systemic lupus erythematosus,
  • psoriasis,
  • Crohn’s disease,
  • ankylosing spondylitis
  • Multiple Sclerosis…

For example, this hospital is the PUMCH, the Peking Union Medical College Hospital. It’s the 3rd referral hospital in China, and also perhaps the most reputed in the country. Also important to note that it’s a Western style medicine hospital. It addresses a total of 30 000 new cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis every year. 2/3 of the patients (20 000) are prescribed medicinal Thunder God Vine.

Physicians prescribe it as a monotherapy, with usually better results and less side effects than with the conventional DMARDs. They associate it when necessary with Prednisone in low dose (not over 10mg/day) and / or with NSAIDs. There is also a popular association with Methotrexate in low dose (not over 12,5mg/wk) with outstanding results.

The patients are not given the extract usually because of fertility decrease in younger men and women. Fertility decrease is a possible side effect. Gastrointestinal disturbance in the beginning of taking is also quite common.

2. Medicinal Thunder God Vine is cheap

Another thing about mTGV is that it is also cheap. My personal treatment altogether costs me around 1000 USD per year . This cost includes the 2,5mg prednisone per day that I take, my trips and visas and my blood tests which I do now only twice a year.

It would be cheaper still if I lived in China. A box of 100 tablets costs from 3 to 6USD. This means that a treatment on the maximum dose of 90mg/day costs from 8 to 16USD / month.

3. Medicinal Thunder God Vine is efficient and safe

Clinical studies about mTGV root extract show is safe to use and that it is as, and usually more effective than the 5 conventional DMARDs. You can read more on this subject here Thunder God Vine Clinical Trials ans Studies.

Medicinal Thunder God Vine commercial presentation (see below image) are all in standardized 10mg tablets, in bottles of 50 or of 100 tablets. The recommended dosage is always of 1 to 1,5mg/kg/day with a maximum of 90mg/day. They are available with a prescription in drugstores and in hospitals.

See here for the safety notice: Thunder God Vine Indications and Safety Notice.

These are common presentations, a couple more exist. The presentations that I have used myself are detailed in the following page: Buy Thunder God Vine.

8 commercial presentations of Thunder God Vine medicinal extract

4. Simple Thunder God Vine root extracts are not advisable due to toxicity

Beware as natural is not a synonym for safe in the case of Thunder God Vine: the plant is dangerous. The powder extracts that you will find on internet are not medicinal extract. They are simple extracts bought from Alibaba website as cheap as 10 USD/kg. They have a fairly high toxicity on the liver and kidney, reason why they were never considered in medicine practice except externally (poultices).

By simple I mean that they are easy to produce with simple solvents. These include water extractions and alcohol extractions.

A couple of US sellers sell them on Amazon and Ebay in the form of powder pouches and capsules. Clearly, their use is not safe and this is scary as the plant is extremely dangerous. Apparently, the Chinese FDA has released a warning in 2012 concerning them.

The local production is strong because farmers use it as a natural insecticide.

In fact, these extracts are the reason why Thunder God Vine has not a good reputation in the Western world. The overall internet is never making a difference between them and the medicinal extracts actually prescribed in medicine practice.



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