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Buy Thunder God Vine medicinal extract

These are commercial presentations of medicinal Thunder God Vine extract.

Presentations are always the same: bottles of 50 or 100 tablets. The dosage is specific, at 1 to 1,5 mg/kg/day and the tablets always of 10mg. In China medicinal TGV is not a supplement and the safety notice advises to take under guidance of a physician.

Commercial presentations of Thunder God Vine medicinal extract

In any case, stay safe

1 – Get the help of a physician during the first months of taking to check up on you. See the recommendations on How to take Thunder God Vine.

2 – Buy Thunder God Vine in its medicinal normalized form, from a trusted drugstore or from a hospital or have someone buy it for you. China is famous for counterfeit medicine. As explained here Where to buy Thunder God Vine and here The different types of Thunder God Vine extracts, natural does not mean safe as the plant is very toxic.

Thunder God Vine powderThunder God Vine capsulesBeware

In any case, beware of Thunder God Vine powder and capsules of powder that it’s possible to find on the Internet as they are not medicinal extracts. Sellers buy them from Alibaba website 20 to 50 USD per kilo. In fact, these are simple extracts of Thunder God Vine, that is to say  water and ethanol (alcohol) extracts, and sometimes more simply grounded root.

The capsule form suggests that  they are to take by mouth. While these types of extracts have a positive effect on autoimmunity symptoms, they are not medicine for internal use due to toxicity on the kidney and liver.

It’s probably safe to use the powder form externally (which is directly applied on skin) to relieve inflammation. I don’t have any information on the subject but saw brands selling Lei Gong Teng poultice in drugstores.


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