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Tips and Recommendations

Buy Thunder God Vine extract

If you want to buy medicinal Thunder God Vine, get your hand on the right thing.

By that I mean the medicinal extracts that physicians actually prescribe and that can be found in drugstores and hospitals (see lower in the page for commercial presentations). The ones that actually are 1st intention prescription.

I know it’s easier said than done so if you have made your best informed decision and experience difficulties in finding a practitioner or the medicine itself, ask me using the form on the contact page here: Contact

Stay safe

1 -Buy your medicinal Thunder God Vine from a trusted drugstore or from a hospital, not on internet: China is famous for counterfeit medicine.

2 -As explained here Use > Recommendations to use, and here Learn > The Extracts, natural does not mean safe as the plant is very toxic.

Don’t buy Thunder God Vine capsules and powder that can be found on the Internet as they are not medicinal extracts. Sellers buy them from Alibaba website as cheap as 20 USD per kilo, and sell it as medicine. These are simple extracts of Thunder God Vine, namely water and ethanol (alcohol) extracts. While they may have a positive effect on autoimmunity, they were never considered in medicine practice due to toxicity.

Your best shot !

Your best shot is to go to China yourself. Get a prescription there and come back with it in your luggage in reasonable quantity so as to avoid issues at custom on going out of China and custom arriving home. There exist at least 10 brands selling Thunder God Vine medicinal extract (see lower in this page). They are available from drugstores and hospitals in China with a prescription. Specialists in China are qualified to prescribe it to you if your condition requires it.

Commercial presentations of medicinal Thunder God Vine

These are commercial presentations of medicinal Thunder God Vine extract. Presentations are always the same: bottles of 50 or 100 tablets. The dosage is specific, at 1 to 1,5 mg/kg/day and the tablets always of 10mg. Please note that they are not supplements and should be taken under guidance of a physician.

8 commercial presentations of Thunder God Vine medicinal extract

I have used the below commercial brands myself and a couple more. My favorite are the left ones, the blue and the yellow boxes. It’s actually the same brand, one in bottle of 50 and the other 100 tablets. The tablets are powdery and a little bitter with a light taste and smell of herb.

The middle one is fine too and exists in boxes of 100 (green boxes). The right one brand name 999, I wouldn’t recommend. I have used it too for a period and have noticed no difference, but the color of the tablets is a weird blue and they have a strong chemical smell.

Buy Thunder God Vine extract : four commercial presentations

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