1 to 10 Rheumatoid Arthritis activity level scale

1 to 10 Rheumatoid Arthritis activity level scale
July 29, 2017 Nathalie

A Rheumatoid Arthritis activity level scale?

Why use a Rheumatoid Arthritis level scale ? Because we forget! And because it’s convenient when we visit a doctor to show him what exactly is going on. If you are like me, on a long awaited appointment, I use to minimize my pain like it was something to be ashamed of. Also, sometimes, my overall condition that day would not be representative (too good/bad).

Either way, this kind of eventuality and reaction is not helping our physicians to evaluate properly our condition.

Rating how you feel from 1 to 10

The purpose of this page is to help you build your own 1 to 10 Rheumatoid Arthritis activity level scale. In your personal case, the description of each level will be different as your symptoms will be different from mine.

Then, keep track on a daily basis of how you feel, especially when you shift treatment or change something in your medication, or if you want to experiment with diet… Write every day what drugs you have taken or your diet change and how much if it has changed, then how you feel. Then you can use this data to create graphs in the style of those from my post called Ressources > Three years taking Thunder God Vine overview.

It’s better to evaluate at a time in the day where the rating is the worst. In my case, in the evening before I go to bed but it may be different for you.

My personal Rheumatoid Arthritis activity level scale

Rating 10/10 100%

I feel good like I am so full of energy and so healthy it’s a 10/10 rating.

Rating 9,5/10 95%

For the days when I do plenty and feel great, it’s a 9,5/10 rating.

Rating 9/10 90%

The days I do plenty and feel great but I am tired in the evening and/or have mild pain in a place or another, it’s a 9/10 rating.

Rating 8,5/10 85%

At 8,5/10 I may have a joint or 2 mildly affected during the day but can have a normal busy day.

Rating 8/10 80%

At 8/10 I can have a joint or 2 affected during the day but can have a reasonable busy day. I may use Naproxene 225mg to make it go away. I’m likely to go to bed early.

Rating 7/10 70%

I can do a few errands but will rather stay home and try to rest. 1 or 2 joints are very painful and others mildly affected. I will take 450mg Naproxene to ease the pain.

Rating 6/10 60%

I will stay at home and not do much, I will go out only if I have to and if my feet are OK. 3 or more joints are very painful. I will take 450mg Naproxene to ease the pain. If it doesn’t go away after one or 2 days I will increase Prednisolone by 1mg.

Rating 5/10 50%

Same as 6 but I will stay home and prefer to stay in bed, I need help from others for simple things.

Rating 4/10 40%

I am in a lot of pain and hence will stay in bed.

Rating 3/10 30%

Same as 4 but in extreme pain.

Rating 2/10 20%

I will call an emergency doctor and go to hospital.


Rating 1/10 I don’t know what it’s like to be there.


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