Five Years Taking Thunder God Vine Medicinal Extract

Five Years Taking Thunder God Vine Medicinal Extract

I have carefully noted the important moments of my treatment while taking mTGV by rating day by day how I felt on a scale from 1 to 10. I also kept all my blood analysis.

Thunder God Vine medicinal extract = medicinal TGV = mTGV = medicinal Lei Gong Teng = T2 = Methanol/Chloroform Triptrygium wilfordii root extract.

The experience of taking medicinal TGV is similar to that of many treatments : some time to kick in and needing adjustment.

My previous treatment for a year was conventional high dose with 20mg/wk Methotrexate injections + 5mg Prednisolone/day + Folic acid + Naproxene 550 now and then. I stopped taking Methotrexate during a period of 2 months before switching to this treatment, reason why the Prednisolone is higher in the beginning: the pain was unbearable. I haven’t changed anything else in my lifestyle. You can read more of my journey with RA since I declared on My Rheumatoid Arthritis Journey page.

This of course is my personal experience. It could be different for someone else.

The 1 to 10 scale

  • 10  Is how I used to feel before I declared Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • 9  I can have a normal very busy day. I have no joint affected. In the evening, I might feel tired if I did too much and have pain in some place.
  • 8  I can have a reasonable busy day, I may have 1 or 2 mildly affected joints. I may use Naproxene 225mg to make it go away.
  • 7  I can do a few errands but will rather stay home and try to rest. I may have 1 or 2 very painful joints and other mildly affected. I will use Naproxene 450mg to ease the pain.
  • 6  I will stay at home and not do much, I will go out only if I have to and if my feet are OK. I have 3 or more very painful joints. I will use Naproxene 450mg to ease the pain and probably increase Prednisolone by 1mg if it doesn’t go away after one or 2 days.
  • 5  Same as 6 but I will stay home and prefer to stay in bed, I need help from others for simple things.
  • 4  I am in a lot of pain and will stay in bed.
  • 3  I will stay in bed all day and be in extreme pain.
  • 2  I will call an emergency doctor and go to hospital.
  • 1  I don’t know what it’s like to be there.

Discussion of chart 1 : getting better after 4 weeks

Taking Thunder God Vine chart 1

My physician first put me on a low dose at 1mg/kg/day which is 70mg/day of TGV T2 starting 7th of September 2015.

At the end of week 4 which is not on the chart, I lowered the Prednisolone from 8,75 to 7,5mg/day. I was still in pain but experienced incredible days of pain relief at 9. And if you look at the yellow line, despite lowering Prednisolone 3 more times (red line), I was steadily getting better.

When I tried to cut the Prednisolone at 2,5mg, my body reacted strongly against dropping from 8 to 5. My doctor told me to not withdraw so fast and that I could move up to 90mg/day, because I was feeling great and my blood analysis were good. So I went back to 3,75mg Prednisolone/day and 90mg TGV T2.

The next thing is not on the chart, I was feeling so good and relieved I found it not useful to continue rating myself. The pain was gone, no affected joints, at least when rating 9, which was the case most of the time.

Important to mention some of the symptoms were still there : a reduced ongoing morning stiffness and some fatigue.

Discussion of chart 2 : stabilizing after 4 months

Taking Thunder God Vine helps me reach a low level of activity of the disease after 4 months.

Taking Thunder God Vine Chart 2

This is week 16 so it’s already 4 months.

I’m taking medicinal TGV 90mg/day together with Prednisolone 3,75mg. I’m doing really good and I want to post it to my Facebook so I start rating myself again.

My daily rating is 8 or 9. I am now evaluating rates at 8,5 or 9,5 because the plain 8 or 9s do not reflect the subtle variations I experience when it comes to fatigue and morning stiffness.

I try to lower Prednisolone again. Two weeks later with 3 bad days rating 6 I decide it is not worth breaking the virtuous cycle I seemed to be in and go back on 3,75mg.

Discussion of chart 3 : remission after 6 months

Taking Thunder God Vine puts me in a remission after 6 months.

Taking Thunder God Vine Chart 3

This chart is the latest in October 2016. I’m not sure of the date  I started the new dosing  taking Thunder God Vine 100mg/day (1,5mg/kg/day) after seeing my physician. By the way, 90mg/day is usually a maximum.

It reflects my experience from April 2016 until April 2018: remission rating at 9 or 9,5. By remission I mean I had (almost) no more symptoms, including no more fatigue and morning stiffness. You may also be interested to read my Thunder God Vine personal experience which compares the symptoms and the side effects of my current treatment VS previous treatment .

I have tried to lower Prednisolone again at 2,5mg/day as you can see. It’s ok but made my rating drop to 8 sometimes. Going back to 3,75mg was much more comfortable.

I tried to replace it with Naproxene which is a commonly prescribed NSAID in RA and it does the trick. The thing is my stomach doesn’t like it and I needed to take antacids along with it, so I made my choice.

Today after five years taking Thunder God Vine

I am still in a remission today (April 2021), so that’s 5 complete years anniversary in a remission. My days all rate 10. I know I still still have RA because in some periods I am more loose on dosage. These episodes result after some time in a soft joint here or there which quickly puts me back on tracks.

At the moment (April 2021), my medication is as follow : mTGV 80mg/day + 2,5mg/day Prednisone. I haven’t changed anything and am not taking anything else at all (supplements or NSAIDs). I am pain free and have exactly the same energy I used to have. I work again since April 2016.

In end of May 2018 I have experienced the return of symptoms after a period of 2 weeks when I have taken TGV irregularly. I had dropped to probably 70mg/day instead of 100mg/day. The situation returned to normal after a week or so.

During the summer 2017 I also experienced the return of symptoms after 15 days when I stopped taking altogether during 17 day to “give it a try”. It took about 10 days after that to return to normal.

These experience tends to suggest that in my case, efficacy is closely related to dose.

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