Thunder God Vine personal experience

And compared benefits

Thunder God Vine personal experience

Overall, my Thunder God Vine personal experience is very good. In a word, my condition is RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and my current prescription for medicinal Thunder God Vine extract is the maximum of 1,5mg/kg/day. I also take 3,75mg Prednisolone every day.

My Blue Pillbox

For example, my dosage calculation applies as follow:

The tablets are 10mg tablets,
I weight 67kg
67 X 1,5 = 100mg/day = 10 tablets per day.

My actual treatment:

  • 10 tablets per day of Thunder God Vine in 3 times after meals: 4 in the morning, 3 at lunch, 3 at dinner.
  • 3,75 mg/day Prednisolone in the morning

My blood analysis results are in normal range (liver, kidney, CRP, total blood cell count).

My lifestyle

As for my diet, it is without restriction and has not changed since I had my diagnosis in May 2014. The country I live in is not the prefect spot for someone with RA (very hot and damp). In general, mild sports, healthy living and good sleep has a good effect on my condition.

Previous symptoms and side effects

The various symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis and the side effects of my previous treatment (Methotrexate) are not easy to separate. Namely, these included exhaustion, morning stiffness, nausea, joint pain, incapacitated joints, swollen joints, depression, dysautonomia, arrhythmia and nodules.

Current symptoms

My current symptoms are mild.

Sometimes in the evening I experience a tender joint somewhere. It doesn’t hurt, it’s more like a discomfort and a gentle reminder that the disease is still there.

I have had about one year ago a burst of a nodule on the sole of my left foot, on the big toe mound. It was not painful and not like I had a pebble there, even barefoot, and it didn’t change my walking habits. I could kind of roll it under my fingers, it was the size of a pea. It lasted for about 4 to 6 weeks then decreased. It’s still there today, but flat, I can feel it if I rub that part of my foot insistingly. I never thought again of it until recently when I had a new one, underneath the neck of my left big toe. It is all comparable to the first one but it’s still there after 3 months, it’s not getting bigger or smaller.

During the times of my previous treatment (Methotrexate), I had many painful nodules on my forearms and on each elbow. Those have completely disappeared.

For a long time I have had no arrhythmia (usually lasted for a week then go away) and no dysautonomia episodes I use to have (long lasting light head and dizziness due to dropping blood pressure). These symptoms appeared when I declared the disease, and overall they have greatly improved when I started this treatment.

I have no more exhaustion or morning stiffness, no nausea, no swollen and incapacitated joints, no depression.

Possible negative side effects of Thunder God Vine

I experienced headaches on the first week of starting Thunder God Vine, 2 or 3 of them, which is unusual for me.

I have had one diplopia (sudden double vision) episode on a day I was walking, it was very hot and I was probably dehydrated. It didn’t last for very long (around a minute) but was quite a disturbing experience.

Possible positive side effects of Thunder God Vine

In the category of possible positive side effects, I had previously read somewhere that Thunder God Vine has antiviral properties. I have had no cough or flu (while others around me had) in two years which is odd for me. And no infection except 2 benign UTI which I also use to have in the past.

Notes about interactions

I have had episodes of taking antibiotics during this 2 years. Two times for UTIs (which I also had in the past) and one for a supposed tooth infection a few days before my summer trip back to France which in fact was not. I stopped every time taking TGV as recommended by my Chinese physician for the duration of the treatments. For the UTIs I stopped taking TGV 5 to 7 days without any noticeable change. For the false tooth infection alarm, I decided to push the limit beyond the treatment and ended up to 17 days without TGV. After 12 to 15 days some symptoms were clearly slowly returning. It took 1 week to come back to normal.

I have tried to take turmeric with the hope to completely stop the little Prednisolone I take daily. So I took turmeric powder at 2g/day (with coconut oil + pepper as is recommended). This has clearly interacted with one of my medications. Namely Thunder God Vine medicinal extract or Prednisolone: I tried 2 times and had to stop after 5 days because of emerging symptoms. I will give it another try this time stopping Prednisolone in 2018. I would rather quit with the Prednisolone, but I was never able to go below 3 to 5mg/day, even with my previous treatment, without triggering symptoms. Swapping to NSAIDs works but my stomach doesn’t like it without taking along some antacids too so I made my choice for now.

Comparing my benefits

I started the Thunder God Vine medicinal extract in September 2015, two years ago. I consider myself in a remission since April 2016 and have my life back. Since, some benefits have continued to implement. For further information, you can read my complete journey in the About Me section.

Today, after a year and a half in a remission, my rating is stabilized to 9,5 or 10. The level of activity of the disease is extremely low.

At first, the treatment took 4 weeks to kick in. Then, the change in my daily rating went up progressively. 4 months later, my daily rating was 8 to 9/10. However some remaining morning stiffness and fatigue slowly decreased over the next 6 month. This data is available in a post here: Blog > One year using Thunder God Vine

In conclusion, if I am asked to rate my Thunder God Vine personal experience, I say more effective and much more tolerable than the previous one. For a year (July 2014 to July 2015) my medication was the following :

  • Methotrexate injections 20mg/week
  • Prednisolone 3 to 5mg/day,
  • Naproxene 550mg every 2 days or 3 days

As a result, I was nauseous 4 days a week, experiencing great exhaustion, I had long morning stiffness + tender joints almost every day.


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