The Different Types of Thunder God Vine Root Extracts

The Different Types of Thunder God Vine Extracts

Simple Thunder God Vine extracts are not for internal use

Thunder God Vine root extracts are known in China since antiquity to have a positive effect on autoimmunity symptoms.  They have been utilized in medicine practice externally only (applied on skin) because of their toxicity on kidney and liver.

Thunder God Vine root extract powder in a petri dish

Thunder God Vine root extract powder

Thunder God Vine capsules

Thunder God Vine capsules

These extracts are easy to produce and use simple solvents. The powder product is the dry extract after the solvent is removed. These include :

  • ground root powder (not an extract properly speaking),
  • water extracts of the root (maceration, decoction…),
  • ethanol (=alcohol) extracts of the root (tinctures…).

Some of these extracts are sold in capsules, suggesting they can be taken by mouth. While they may have a positive effect on immunity symptoms, they have a high associated toxicity.

Medicinal Thunder God Vine root extracts

In the 1970s, Chinese researchers developed new extracts that match both efficacy and safety for internal use. During the 1980s, China conducts extensive studies with these extracts for a variety of autoimmune conditions. An important study includes 2000 Rheumatoid Arthritis patients, sadly there is no translation available at this time. I hope to bring it to you translated some day.

One of these extracts is in use extensively nowadays. Physicians prescribe it as a first line natural DMARD to successfully relieve symptoms of a number of autoimmune conditions. Not as a supplement but as a monotherapy. They combine it with other Western style medication. For example, they associate it with Methotrexate in low dose with outstanding results. It is commercially widely available in China. You will find more info on the indications here: Thunder God Vine Indications and dosages here: Thunder God Vine Dosage and Common Drug Association

Thunder God Vine root extracts : 8 commercial presentations

Medicinal Thunder God Vine is standardized and the dosage is very specific : 1 to 1,5mg/kg/day. A number of brands sell it (see picture above). The presentations are always the same: bottles of 50 to 100 tablets of 10mg extract.

The commercial presentations that I know and have used myself are detailed in the following page: Buy Thunder God Vine.

What is plant extraction ?

For example, brewing coffee or tea is to perform a plant extraction. As a result, on one side, we have an extract : a tea or a coffee. And on the other side a residue of insoluble material : the wet tea leaves/the wet coffee ground. By removing the solvent (in that case water through a lyophilisation process) from the extract we can obtain instant coffee / tea : a dry extract.

In a word, an extract is the material that a given solvent takes from the original plant matter.

For the purpose of medicinal extraction, things are a little different. The reason is interesting components are most of the time not soluble in water or ethanol (=alcohol). Common solvents for plant medicinal extraction include methanol, various hexanes, ethyl-acetate, chloroform… sometimes combined. And there actually exist many techniques of extraction and they are rather complex. For each MO, the resulting extract contains different components.

It appears that the ideal method does not exist. Each extraction procedure is unique and the resulting components in the extract specific. It’s a trial and error process until satisfactory result.

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