Thunder God Vine root extracts

5 Things you should know

Thunder God Vine extracts on the Chinese Alibaba website

1. Simple Thunder God Vine root extracts are rather toxic

By simple I mean that they are easy to produce and use simple solvents.

These include water extracts (maceration, decoction…) and ethanol extracts (alcohol tinctures…). The powder product is obtained after the solvent is removed.

Simple Thunder God Vine root extracts are known in China since antiquity to have a positive effect on autoimmunity but have always been discarded in medicine because of their toxicity.

It’s possible to find this type of extracts from Chinese Alibaba website (cf picture) which whole sells them as a remedy as cheap as 20 USD/kg. A couple of US sellers sell them on Amazon and Ebay in the form of powder pouches and capsules. Clearly, their use is not safe and this is pretty scary as the plant is extremely dangerous. The local production is strong because it is used as a natural insecticide.

2. China developed safe medicinal extracts in the 1970s

China researched medicinal Thunder God Vine root extracts in the 1970s. The goal was to find an extract that would be both efficient and safe. Two extracts are discovered. They are often refereed to as the T2 and the CEA extracts in the clinical studies. China conducts extensive studies with these extracts for a variety of autoimmune conditions during this period. An important study includes 2000 Rheumatoid Arthritis patients. Sadly there is no translation available at this time. I hope to bring it to you some day soon, it’s one of my challenges for 2018.

As a result, one of these extracts is extensively in use since 40 years in China. Physicians prescribe it as a first line natural DMARD to successfully relieve symptoms of a number of autoimmune conditions. From the 1980s on, it became a first intention as a monotherapy or combined with other drugs.

This widely prescribed medicinal extract is the T2 extract of Thunder God Vine root. It’s dosage is very specific : 1 to 1,5mg/kg/day. A number of brands sell it. The presentations are all the same: bottles of 50 to 100 tablets of 10mg extract.

The commercial presentations that I know and have used myself are detailed in the following page: Buy Thunder God Vine.

8 commercial presentations of Thunder God Vine medicinal extract

3. This hospital in Beijing adresses 20 000 new RA cases each year with Thunder God Vine

As an example, this hospital is the PUMCH, the Peking Union Medical College Hospital. It’s the 3rd referral hospital in China. It addresses a total of 30 000 new cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis every year. 2/3 of the patients are prescribed medicinal Thunder God Vine root extracts, sometimes combined with Methotrexate in low doses.

4. Medicinal Thunder God Vine root extract is efficient and cheap

Clinical studies show that medicinal Thunder God Vine root extract is safe to use and and is usually more effective than conventional DMARDs. As any active plant extract, it should be taken under the guidance of a trained physician and with an appropriate follow up.

Check out the clinical studies posts in the blog section for more on this subject here Blog. And the safety notice here: Use > Indications and Safety Notice

Medicinal extracts are also cheap. My personal treatment altogether costs me around 1000 USD per year. And it would be cheaper still if I lived in China. No day soon is any company going to present FDA to release something as cheap and efficient as Thunder God Vine medicinal extract. It would in fact be a terrible loss for the pharmaceutical industry.

5. United States also developed an extract in 1998

This was at the Dallas University of Texas Southwestern Medical Branch (UTSMB). It is often refereed to as the TEA extract. TEA is short for Texas Ethyl Acetate to distinguish from CEA extract short for Chinese Ethyl Acetate. The study outcome with TEA was very positive. In 2002, after the study release, Phytomedics Inc., a New Jersey bio-pharmaceutical company, started growing Thunder God Vine in order to produce the medicinal extract.

That’s when the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer “partnered” with Phytomedics to help manufacture the extract. Today, 15 years later, it still is not brought to the FDA!?!!

One Thunder God Vine medicinal extracts is effective and safe

It’s a chloroform / methanol extract also called T2 extract. It is prescribed extensively in a number of autoimmune conditions as a first line DMARD in China for over 30 years.

The dosage is very specific of 1 to 1,5mg/kg/day. The presentations are all bottles of 50 to 100 tablets of 10mg. A number of different brands sell it. They are available from drugstores and hospitals with a prescription.

Other extracts, namely the ethanol (=alcohol) extracts and water extracts are not advisable due to toxicity.


You may find this page interesting to read on the subject. It’s the Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine (2005) page about Thunder God Vine. It is published on this website page at http://www.encyclopedia.com

About medicinal plant extraction

In a word, an extract is material that the solvent takes from the original plant matter.

For example, brewing coffee or tea is to perform an extraction. As a result is on one side, the extract : a tea or a coffee. And on the other side a residue of insoluble material : the wet tea leaves/the wet ground. By removing the solvent (in that case water) from the extract we can obtain instant coffee / tea.

For the purpose of medicinal extraction, things are a little different. The reason is interesting components are most of the time not soluble in water. Common solvents for plant medicinal extraction include methanol, hexanes, ethyl-acetate, chloroform… sometimes combined. And there actually exist many techniques of extraction and they are rather complex. For each MO, the resulting extracts contain different components.

It appears that the ideal method does not exist and each extraction procedure is unique to the plants.


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