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Where to buy Thunder God Vine : recommendations and tips

Different options are available to you when it comes to buying Thunder God Vine. In the Western world it can be found sold as a supplement, especially in the US, because it’s a natural product. To stay safe, you need to remember a couple of important things :

  • Thunder God Vine is a dangerous (even deadly) botanical, even the roots. It is known since antiquity in China to relieve inflammation. It was used externally only because of said toxicity,
  • Simple extracts from the root (water and ethanol extracts) have a high toxicity too,
  • Only in the 1970s Chinese research develops 2 medicinal normalized extracts to be taken by mouth that have the benefits and are safe,
  • Since, one of these extracts is extensively a first intention in prescriptions in the management of a number of autoimmune conditions as a natural DMARD.

Buying Online from China

China offers no safety rules for online market and is very famous for counterfeit medicine. A Chinese citizen would never consider buying his drugs online. So if you intend to directly buy from China on the Internet be very careful.

Medicinal Thunder God Vine

If you can’t engage in this adventure, I can help you Buy Thunder God Vine medicinal extract. But bear in mind that I am not promoting a specific product or a doctor.

To buy medicinal Thunder God Vine, your best shot is to go to China. Specialists in China are qualified to prescribe it to you if your condition requires it. Get a prescription and buy your medicinal Thunder God Vine from a trusted drugstore or from a hospital. Come back home with it in your luggage in not too great quantity so as to avoid issues at custom on going out of China and custom arriving home.

Medicinal Thunder God Vine is the normalized T2 extract of the root (a chloroform/methanol extract). It’s the one that is the most popular in terms of prescription. It is easily recognizable because of its specific dosage of 1 to 1,5mg/kg/day and its form : tablets of 10mg.

There exists about 10 different commercial presentations of this medicinal extract. I have tried 4 different brands myself, you can read my review on these different brands at the bottom of the same previously mentioned page : Buy Thunder God Vine medicinal extract.
Thunder God Vine tablets

These are commercial presentations of medicinal Thunder God Vine extract. Presentations are always the same: bottles of 50 or 100 tablets. The dosage is specific, at 1 to 1,5 mg/kg/day and the tablets always of 10mg.

Thunder God Vine powder and capsules of powder

Thunder God Vine powder

On Amazon it’s possible to buy capsules and powder of Thunder God Vine sold as supplement.

Beware because they are not medicinal extracts. Sellers buy them from Alibaba website 20 to 50 USD per kilo. These are simple extracts of Thunder God Vine, namely water and ethanol (alcohol) extracts.

And sometimes it’s just grounded root or worse. Like see the picture, the last seller says whole herb. Well the whole herb is deadly.


The powder form extracted from the root can probably be useful and safe for external use (poultice).

I wouldn’t know which one to recommend or how to use it. In China Thunder God Vine poultice of various brands are available from drugstores.

I also read some persons suggest to prepare tea with it. Why would anyone want to prepare tea from a toxic plant ?


The capsule form suggest it can be taken by mouth. Capsules are powder extract from above cited Alibaba put in capsules. While it may have a positive effect on autoimmunity symptoms, this type of extracts were never medicine to be taken orally due to toxicity.

Powder and capsules dosage

Seller advertise that it is high quality (says who ?) or certified (by which authority ?). Or concentrated twice 10:1 and 20:1. Sellers also suggest an indicative dosage. There is no documentation of any dosing for these extracts because they are not medicine and not for consumption.

Apart from associated toxicity, it is not a normalized product, so there is now way to know how much to take and a serious risk of overdosing.


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