Buy medicinal Thunder God Vine

To buy medicinal Thunder God Vine, your best shot is to go to China or to have someone bring it back for you.

Buy it from a trusted drugstore or from a hospital. Do not buy in too great quantity so as to avoid issues with custom on going out of China and with your own custom arriving home.

Carry the proof of your condition with you. I usually buy around 40 boxes of 100 which is what I need for a year or so.

Avoid buying from the Internet. China is famous for counterfeit medicine because there are no safety rules for the online market. Chinese people themselves never buy their medicine from the Internet.

If you can’t go to China, expect to pay around 60USD for a bottle of 100 tablets. It’s cheaper there, but you need to go or have someone go for you.

If you need help to buy mTGV, you can email me (see Contact page).

Beware, this is not medicinal Thunder God Vine

In the US it’s possible to find Thunder God Vine in powder and capsule form sold as supplement.

Beware because they are not medicinal extracts.

Sellers buy them from Alibaba website (see left image).

They are simple extracts of Thunder God Vine root, namely water and ethanol. And sometimes they are just ground root.

At the bottom of the picture on the left: the seller says whole herb. Well the whole herb is very dangerous!


The powder can probably be useful and safe for external use (poultice).

In China poultice of various brands are available from drugstores.

Plain root powder is typically used as an insecticide in horticulture and other non edible cultures.


The capsule form on Amazon suggest it’s possible to take it by mouth. Capsules are also powder water based extracts from above Alibaba website. 

While these types of extracts have a positive effect on autoimmunity symptoms, they are not medicine for internal use due to toxicity on the kidney and liver.

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