My benefits of taking mTGV vs Metotrexate

Overall, my experience is very good.

In a word, my condition is Rheumatoid Arthritis and my current prescription is medicinal Thunder God Vine (mTGV) 1,5mg/kg/day. I also take a very small dose of 2,5mg Prednisone every day.

My Blue Pillbox Closeup

Comparing the benefits

I started taking medicinal Thunder God Vine in September 2015.

I consider myself in a remission since April 2016. Reason is I work again since April 2016, whereas it was not something I would have considered with my previous treatment.

At first, the treatment took 4 / 5  weeks to kick in. Then, the change in my daily rating went up progressively.

4 months later, my daily rating was 8 to 9/10. However some remaining morning stiffness and fatigue took longer, slowly decreasing over the next 6 month. I’d say it took a complete full year to feel like my old self again. This data is available in a post here: Five years taking mTGV.

Today, after 5 full years in a remission, my rating is stabilized to 10. The level of activity of the disease is extremely low.

In conclusion, if I am asked to rate my experience, I say more effective and much more tolerable than the previous one.

I was on Methotrexate for a year (July 2014 to July 2015). I was nauseous 4 days a week, experiencing great exhaustion, I had long morning stiffness + tender joints almost every day.

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